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Social Conundrums, Part VI

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

O​nce they reached the Rzerth's home, Gershom felt as conflicted and confused as ever. Talking to Hannah hadn't helped, but he guessed deep down he should have known it wouldn't. He really had only two choices accept or fight. There wasn't a third option.

H​annah then turned towards him. "I am going into the burrow. The first symptoms of the disease should start in the next few hours unless these Rzerth have a natural immunity to it."

"How likely is that?" He couldn't help asking. Even in the midst of his dilemma, he found her study of the Rzerth's predicament interesting.

Hannah's excess legs were sucked back into her body as she stood. "I haven't found any yet and so far I have observed 20 separate Rzerth packs die from this illness."

I​t was disheartening but the Rzerth were a numerous lot and 20 packs was barely 5 percent of the population. "I hope this one proves to be resilient," he said.

​Hannah shrugged her shoulders. "It would be nice to see but the disease's symptoms are quite fascinating in itself to witness. The virus could be said to mimic the ways of the Rzerth, it infects the entire body. No organ or system is left intact when the creature dies. In as much as the Rzerth eats the entire animal so it can be said that the virus eats an entire Rzerth." Her eyes dilating revealing a genuine respect for the virus.

Gershom​ thought of those creatures being eaten alive from the inside out by a microscopic organism. He didn't mind witnessing the Rzerth kill because it was quick and efficient. This sounded messy and prolonged. Gershom knew Hannah really enjoyed her work and in this case her scientific objectivity served her well. He, however, didn't feel he could watch the Rzerth die in that manner and feel as comfortable about it as she did.

Hannah gave a small chortle. "I will see you at the next social code committee meeting," she said divining accurately that he had no intention of staying.

He wished her farewell, transformed back into the dragon and left.



K​im is the name of the mediator Ezekiel assigned to assist us in creating the social code for the new planet's inhabitants. I was unfamiliar with the Little Dragon personally but after researching Kim's earlier cases, I was impressed by the methods used. The mediator didn't just listen to both sides and make a decision, Kim went further managing to interweave two opposing perspectives into something new.

I commented on this to Gershom but his response involved a simple head nod and a change to the topic of our conversation. Ever since our time in the garden, he avoided discussing the social code committee situation with me anymore. Instead, he encouraged us to spend time in more pleasurable pursuits. I enjoyed it at first but sometimes it felt as if our love making sessions became too intense. Emotions pent-up inside of us coming out in the physical act rather than through words. It wasn't nearly as satisfying to me.

G​ershom also started holding separate meetings with his committee supporters. Kim already had access to all the documentation he would need to make a decision. Except for a clarifying question now and then there was no need for such intense preparation.

T​he one time I asked him about it, Gershom's eyes became hard and I felt something tangible come between us. "I am not in the mood to talk anymore," he said and pulled me into his arms intent on distracting me with more physical pleasures. I allowed it unwilling to lose him further with a confrontation at the moment. But something was definitely changing between us. The question was whether we would survive it to grow stronger or would it tear us apart.

That ends Social Conundrums, Part VI. Next month is Social Conundrums, Part VII. Learn more about the Little Dragons by reading the earlier blog post series titled Humanity's Evolution.

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