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About Me

Renee Ann Hughes

I have always wanted to write a story that shines a light on the awesome potential of the human race. Little Dragons allows me to design a future where our present issues regarding race, gender and overall inequality are no longer of any concern. A time when we acquire abilities to see beyond the physical creating a brand new level of awareness that elevates humanity into another realm.

Each month I write a new chapter to this evolving futuristic fantasy series.

You can also listen to them and a new video series starting in February 2024 called Story Time Adventures for Adults on my  


In addition to writing and my youtube projects, I am also a public relations and journalism professional. I love helping artists and small businesses find their voice so they can do what they love. If you need help in this area email me at


If you would like to support my efforts, please feel free to visit my 


Thank you for coming on this journey with me into humanity’s future. Welcome to the world of the Little Dragons!

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