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Social Conundrums, Part VII

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

I arrived early to the headquarters of the social code committee to await the long anticipated decision of mediator Kim. Slowly, I entered the small white walled room sitting down at the head of it's only furniture, a large wooden table. A rueful smile touching my lips. Gershom had assisted me in coming up with this design. We both desired a venue that our ancient ancestors from the 21st century, the last era of true physicality, would recognize. The two of us even put forth a resolution that all committee members attend meetings in a human physical form. The vote was unanimous in our favor. It was the one and only time the committee could pass anything.

It hurt now to think of those early days. A time when I believed that honest discussion between opposing points of view would bring about a new understanding. This meeting of the minds would then allow us to pass meaningful rules for the emerging inhabitants of the planet project. Now, all I wanted was to hear mediator Kim's verdict and disband this enterprise. It would be a relief to go back to being a historical anthropologist where I studied history instead of attempting to chart its course.

Footsteps then interrupted my thoughts. Gershom entered the room. He wore the same physical appearance I remembered from when we first met. His tall frame and intelligent dark eyes could still make my heart beat quickened. I lowered my gaze because things were not well between us. In fact I had not seen him in a few days because he claimed to be too involved in some project. Gershom hadn't been at all forthcoming about its details, and I was getting tired of his secrecy.

"​Good morning Anne," he said his tone surprisingly stiff and formal. It irked me. We were after all alone in the room. "So is that how it is going to be between us?" I asked unable to hide my hurt. Gershom gave a heavy sigh. "Sorry, how are you?" he asked in a more natural sounding voice. It didn't help. Something inside me started to unravel. "This isn't working Gershom," I said unable to pretend any longer. A sigh escaped as the realization dawned that maybe not only the committee but us two should be coming to an end. "Either tell me what you have been doing, or we are finished," I said throwing down the ultimatum.

Surprise and then relief flowed over Gershom's countenance. "Alright," he finally said. "But you aren't going to like it," he said fixing his eyes on my own as I crossed my arms an unimpressed look on my face. "I know that already," I scoffed. "Why else would you be keeping it a secret? But our relationship has always been based on honesty. The truth is not something we should be avoiding."

Gershom didn't disagree. "My supporters and I are not planning on endorsing Mediator's Kim's recommendation. We will fight it."

"​You haven't even heard it yet," I responded not exactly shocked but upset that he wouldn't even consider the decision.

"​I don't have to," he stated. "I am not as enamored with Kim's prowess in this area as you are."

"​Of course not," I said my face heating up at his comment. "You are too arrogant to even consider an opinion that differs from your own."

T​he two of us now stood eyes locked waves of anger flowing between us. Then Sandra entered the room. I broke eye contact to plaster a smile on my face in greeting. She, however, wasn't deceived. Her eyes flickering between us as Gershom gave her a curt nod and sat down in his chair. As one of the committee members, who supported me, Sandra selected the chair next to my own. Her arrival opened the floodgates as the remaining committee members started sitting down. There was no time for Gershom and I to discuss the situation further.

A​ll eyes, however, were soon diverted to the last person to enter the room, mediator Kim.

That ends Social Conundrums, Part VII. Next month is Social Conundrums, Part VIII. Learn more about the Little Dragons by reading the earlier blog post series titled Humanity's Evolution.

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