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Humanity's Evolution, Part XXIII

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Gershom pulled me closer his lips pushing hard against my own. My desire rose to meet his. I felt the matter holding me together start to unravel as our energies began to merge. We moaned simultaneously with pleasure as the boundaries between us dissolved.

He then gave a frustrated sigh and pulled away to rest his forehead on mine. "Look behind you Anne. You are being summoned." His words killed the mood. "Already," I said unwilling to believe that the vote had already been completed and tallied. "Look for yourself," he said releasing me.

I reluctantly turned to see several brightly colored tendrils of energy moving in our direction. The number of them surprised me. I looked into Gershom's face. "I guess it is too late to leave now," I said my voice full of regret. He was too busy counting the number of summons to respond. "Anne," he finally said his voice filled with awe. "Alexandria, Ezekiel and nearly everyone who was on the voting planning committee are calling for you to return."

His admiration peeved me. Now I would have to tell nearly everyone that I was finished with this enterprise. A prospect I didn't relish. I gave a heavy sigh for it wasn't going to get any better no matter how long I waited. "Let's go," I said.

The fastest way to return involved shedding our bodies and following the tendrils back. It only took a matter of seconds. I tried to harden myself to the sudden number of Little Dragons staring at me with appreciation in their eyes. "It passed Anne! It passed!" Alexandria said as he came forward and began pumping my hand. "I know you are the reason."

A lump began to form in my throat. Ezekiel then gently pushed Alexandria away. "We want you to make the official announcement," he said to me. The surrounding others nodded in approval at the statement. My mouth became dry and the words I was so determined to say earlier became stuck in my throat. Gershom came to my rescue. "Can you just give her a minute?" he asked.

A look of surprise passed over Ezekiel's face and a few others, but they quickly recovered. "Of course, of course," Ezekiel said. Then the two of us were alone.

"Thank you," I said to him. Gershom nodded his head. "Once you tell them, there will be time for us to go somewhere quiet," he smiled at me but then a serious look crossed his face. "The Little Dragons will still be expecting a committee to create a social code for the new planet's inhabitants. I will volunteer to run it."

His words jarred me to the reality of the situation. Like it or not the planet project would go forth. Gershom was going to put his mark on the planet and his ideas differed from mine. If the project fails now, it no longer matters whether I helped or not. I would feel responsible because it was my words that encouraged a nearly unanimous vote. Some day I would reflect more deeply on how I got into this situation but for now I had to make a decision. One that I would stick to regardless of what was to come.

"No Gershom, you won't be running the committee," I finally said to him. "I will," Ignoring Gershom's startled expression, I walked over to Ezekiel's side. "I am ready to make the announcement," I said.

He then called for quiet as the Little Dragons all gathered in the field. I could feel their eyes and energy eagerly anticipating the vote's outcome. Would the Little Dragon race take a giant evolutionary step forward or not.

My hands flew over my head as I shouted out that the planet project passed. The noise that came from those assembled was deafening. My heart lifted a little to hear their excitement, but I was still worried that maybe we were going too far too fast.

That ends Part XXIII, and the first part of our story. Next we start part two entitled Social Conundrums, Part I.

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