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Humanity's Evolution, Part XX

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Gershom pulled away and reality surged back with a vengeance. Loud murmurs of conversation floated all around us. This was hardly the time to be kissing. I felt my face redden a little in embarrassment, which he found amusing. "You have already stated how you are going to vote so there is no need to join in the discussion anymore," he said and then a serious look grew in his eyes. "You have done all you can."

I took a deep breath hoping he was right. What snatches I could hear of the discussions proved unenlightening. Michael then emerged into our midst with Holly. "So you have already made your decision," Michael said his eyes alight with mischief. I gave him a wry smile determined to patiently endure his teasing. "I guess there is a first time for everything," I said.

Michael nodded his head a sober expression growing on his countenance. He then turned towards Holly. "We have also made our decision," he said as his partner nodded her head in agreement. I glanced towards the handsome man standing beside Michael. Holly's eyes gazed warmly at my friend.

"Can we assume you are voting in favor of the project?" Gershom interjected. I glanced towards my companion, his bluntness irritated me. "Neither of you have to answer him," I snapped my eyes still staring right into Gershom's face. He refused to look at me until he finished saying, "But if you want to we would love to hear your opinion." The man then had the audacity to give me a playful grin.

I shook my head trying desperately to hide the grin breaking through on my own face. The man would either drive me insane or .....the memory of our kiss flooded my senses. I needed a moment to compose my conflicting emotions. I turned away from all of them to gaze at something else. The tree we created earlier caught my eye. Its dark trunk looked so shinny and smooth a longing to touch it filled me. I walked over and gave in surprised by the sensation in my finger tips. It felt smooth and rough a perfect blending of the two. Gershom and myself...maybe. Then more movement caught my eye, and I saw the voting booths being erected. They were simple dark tents with enough room for one Little Dragon to enter. They emerged out of thin air just like the earlier banquet.

I suddenly felt silly. Here we were on the verge of the next step in our evolution as a species, and I was consumed by the conflicting emotions of the heart. It was a new sensation for me. My relationship with Jerome hadn't been so complicated, we meshed well together. Gershom and I had a fair share of attraction but it wasn't nearly as harmonious.

Ezekiel then called for everyone's attention. "It is time to vote," he said gesturing towards the several dozen booths. I left the tree and entered the nearest line determined to put all my energy and focus on the planet project...... for now.

That ends Humanities Evolution, Part XX. Next month is Humanities Evolution, Part XXI.

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