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Humanity's Evolution, Part XXI

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

I counted six Little Dragons ahead of me. I turned around and saw an ever growing line behind. Neither Gershom, Michael or Holly were there. I felt largely relief but I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a tinge of disappointment as well.

The Little Dragon in front of me suddenly moved backwards. I lost my balance and fell into his bony backside. A pale apologetic face then stared into my own as his hands assisted my body upwards. "I am so sorry," he said as he released me. "I am not used to standing in a line." His blue eyes peered at me from behind a pair of enormous spectacles. A look of recognition then crossed his face. "Your Anne aren't you?" he queried. I nodded my head while trying to place the pale blue-eyed Little Dragon.

"You and I haven't formally met," he explained. "I know you because of the presentation you made on the 21st century. I then heard your argument with the other historical anthropologist. Also, I really enjoyed your passionate defense of the scientist Alexandria." I felt the smile that had come to my face freeze as he listed all the ways I had unwittingly inserted myself into the planet project. A wave of vulnerability assaulted me as the Little Dragon stuck out his hand introducing himself as Peter Dawson. "I find this whole situation rather fascinating," he said as he vigorously shook my left hand.

"The planet project is a very big step for us," I said doing my best to pay attention to him. I, no longer felt like talking. "Oh, yes it is, but I am referring to the unexpected drama this whole thing has brought to the surface. That fight you and the other historical anthropologist, Gershom I believe," he said his blue eyes looking at me for confirmation. I responded by staring at him. "It wasn't a fight. We had a debate," I said.

Peter just shrugged his shoulders. "You certainly let your human emotions come across loud and clear for us to see," he said with a chuckle. "I forgot how fun it is to experience melodrama or imperfections like nearsightedness," Peter illustrated his point by taking off his glasses. "I can barely see anything without these things. It is marvelous to have a different perspective."

His words struck me dumb for a moment. "I am afraid you are completely missing my point," I stressed. Peter shook his head. "No, I understand your position. You were quite eloquent and passionate. You made what I believed would be a day of dreary lectures into an entertaining spectacle."

I couldn't believe what he said but there was no more time to debate this with Peter. It was his turn to step inside the booth. I now stood alone before it watching its enveloping dark cloth move in the breeze. Peter's words ringing inside my head. My struggles to outline the dangers of this project and my passionate beliefs were an entertaining spectacle to him!

His viewpoint shook me to the core. The ethical dilemmas involved in creating a new world should not be undertaken for the sole purpose of entertainment. It was a serious enterprise. I glanced around fearing that more than just a few Little Dragons felt as Peter did. A sinking feeling came over me. We weren't ready. This entire project suddenly felt like a big mistake.

The booth then opened as the pale blue-eyed Little Dragon re-emerged. "I know how you are going to vote," he said with a friendly wink and left.

A new resolve came over me as I strode into that booth. A piece of paper lay on a table with just two words on it yes or no. I didn't hesitate to put a thick check mark by the no.

That ends Humanities Evolution, Part XXI. Next month is Humanities Evolution, Part XXII.

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