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Humanity's Evolution, Part XIX

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

"Any doubts I had about the planet project are all gone," I said creating a small uproar. As soon as it quieted down I explained why. "The tree we created together is magnificent," I turned to look at its flowers admiring the dark sheen of its trunk. "It is stronger than anything we could have created on our own. Alexandria showed us that we as a people have this wonderful gift. How can we not use it?"

My eyes wandered back to the audience, "I was worried before because our human past was fraught with prejudices and injustices. But these humans will have advantages we didn't have. We will guide them, teach them and their very essence will come from everyone assembled here. I truly believe they will be even better than us. A true asset to this universe something that will even redeem our sordid past. A monument to not only the Little Dragon race but to our human ancestors."

"Yes there are obstacles to creating this planet. Everyone here will have to take part so it will be strong and healthy. Some of you even now maybe deciding against it because you are angry that a simple majority can't create this but before you go in that direction, answer this question? What legacy will you be leaving the universe when you die? We all know nothing lasts forever not even the Little Dragon race. This planet and its inhabitants will be our legacy. A testimony to our existence."

Alexandria moved closer to me appreciation in her eyes. She then turned to address the audience as well. "I know what I did will be considered by many of you, especially those in the scientific community, to be a breach of ethics. I feared telling you the truth because I didn't want this opportunity to be denied to our race. As long as we vote on it, I will be content regardless of the outcome."

Quiet descended on those assembled. I saw a few disgruntled faces but most were seriously contemplating our words. Ezekiel then joined the two of us. "The consequences of Alexandria's actions can be debated at another time. The vote will still happen because if enough of us agree to the planet project it is still a viable plan," he said. "I suggest we hold a short recess for everyone to consider the information. Then we will have the vote." Ezekiel's eyes wandered in Alexandria's direction, and she nodded her head in agreement.

Loud murmurs filled the air as Alexandria moved closer to my side. "Thank you," she said. I shook my head brushing off her words. "I didn't do anything really except express my honest opinion." Her face broke into a smile. "Then thanks for not keeping your opinion a secret," she amended. "Your welcome," I said as we shook hands.

Gershom joined me a minute or two later. His eyes staring down at me, wonder in their depths. "You did it," he said. I thought his statement premature but before I could answer his lips had brushed mine. A spark of passion then erupted between us chasing all other thoughts away for the moment.

That ends Humanities Evolution, Part XIX. Next month is Humanities Evolution, Part XX.

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