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Social Conundrums, Part XXII

“There is no scientific theory regarding the anti-garden," I blurted out drawing both sets of Rzerth eyes to my person. "It is more of a literary concept." I said in a softer tone regretting my earlier outburst. Unfortunately I had forgotten that neither of these Little Dragons were true colleagues and couldn't care less about my opinions, especially for what I considered pseudo-science.

The anti-garden theory came about because of a poem that speculated everything in the universe had an opposite force, even the focal point of all energy, the garden. Its counterpoint described as a similar realm existing outside of time and space where the life force of energy is extinguished rather than nourished. It really wasn’t scientifically based at all but yet it caught the imagination of a few Little Dragon scientists, who decided to undergo an investigation to see if it was real. They failed.

Ezekiel’s throat cleared making the furry gray skin of his neck quiver. "I am aware of the controversies surrounding it but do you know the name of the two scientists who spearheaded the move to prove of its existence?" the elder asked me. I hadn’t been interested enough in the defunct theory to bother learning.

A loud inhale came from Jerome’s direction. His eyes suddenly unusually bright, mouth agape showing a few sharp fangs. “One of them was Keros Curran,” he stated looking at Ezekiel for confirmation. When the elder nodded, a sharp prickle flew up my spine, as I asked for the name of the second scientist.

"Felix Curran. It was a father and son venture," Ezekiel said supplying the answer I suspected. A moment of silence came over us as the gravity of the elder’s findings penetrated our minds. Could there be truth to the anti-garden concept? Had Keros and Felix Curran not only found this place but discovered a weapon in its depths capable of killing Little Dragons? It was a horrible realization.

“Other scientists had to be involved in this study,” Jerome then stated breaking through our thoughts. “Surely they couldn’t silence them all.”

“Actually they could have,” Ezekiel revealed, ““If you take a look at the actual study, only three other scientists were heavily involved. Those three scientists later underwent rehabilitation for being members of Res Publica.” I felt like the pieces of a very deadly puzzle were becoming assembled before us.

“Your right Ezekiel,” Jerome then said his voice soft. “It all fits.”

A sudden thought then made me give Ezekiel a hard look. The official record of the anti-garden theory sounded like a very dangerous document. An elder, who was a potential leader in Res Publica, would be a fool to let someone find it. “You just looked at this document today?” I asked him.

“Yes but only a copy of the study what I have isn’t official,” he admitted then after a slight hesitation he explained, “I previously studied the literary arts and decided to do a paper discussing how literature can influence other disciplines like science. In researching that poem, I included a copy of the scientific study.”

“That still counts,” Jerome stressed as I readily agreed. True it wasn’t the original but papers were always examined by competent Little Dragon authorities before they became part of the public record. What luck that Res Publica over looked this one.

“But it doesn’t,” Ezekiel then said while casting his gaze down at the tunnel’s dirt floor. “I never submitted it.”

Jerome and I glanced in amazement at the elder and then at each other for several moments before Jerome remembered his anger towards me. I couldn’t blame him for forgetting. Typically the only reason a Little Dragon would write anything down is because they wanted to add to our society. Although our memories were capable of storing all the data we encountered in our lifetimes, Little Dragons weren’t perfect. If two of us had different interpretations of a concept or idea then it was prudent to go back to the original written document. Also it was important to record your own impressions for others to read since no one else thought as you did. What Ezekiel did was highly unusual. Why would you write something and then keep it to yourself?.

That ends Social Conundrums, Part XXII. Next month is Social Conundrums, Part XXIII. Learn more about the Little Dragons by reading the earlier blog post series titled Humanity's Evolution.

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