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Social Conundrums, Part XI

Updated: Nov 3, 2023


Undulating through the tall grass gave me time to think while the sun rays warmed my reptilian body. I would be meeting with my supporters soon getting ready to put our plan into action. My beady snake eyes stared ahead at our meeting spot only a couple feet away at the base of a large tree.

Anne had wholeheartedly endorsed Mediator Kim's Third Way. Her impassioned plea for us to do the same still enraged me. The two of us had been steadily drifting apart ever since she asked for a mediator. It was hard to be with her when I secretly plotted against her decision. I suppose what we had ended the day she talked to Ezekiel about mediation but my feelings wouldn't let me completely let go of what we had.

A memory of her smile could still make my heart quicken even now when the two of us were estranged. Why was I attracted to someone who disagreed with me on a fundamental level! It made no sense but then again who said our emotions were logical.

T​he only way I could get through those flashes of longing was to remember the planet project was bigger and more important than any relationship I could forge with Anne. Solidifying that belief in my mine was crucial. Hannah had been working for weeks digging up anything in Anne's past that could be used to shed doubt on her competence as chairperson of the social committee. It was the only tool we could use that might be able to discredit the Third Way. I always viewed this course of action as a last resort but given Anne's decision today I now had no choice. Tonight's meeting would end any connection she and I still shared.

A flash of movement then brought a welcome distraction from my grim thoughts. A small mouse bounding in the field. Flicking out my tongue I could smell the rodent and knew instantly it was another Little Dragon. One I knew very well.

"​What are you doing here, Anne?" I asked, my voice harsh. She wasn't supposed to be here. Due to the train of my thoughts, her sudden presence felt unnerving.

T​he rodent paused, turned and I saw its small brown eyes staring right into mine. "You left the garden before I could talk to you."

S​he was right before coming here I sought solace among that glittering web of energy strands, and I knew the moment she entered. I wasn't eager to see her, so I left. But I hadn't believed she would follow me. "I am not sure we have much more to say to each other," I said.

Anne moved closer to my slithering body. "I don't want our last conversation to be the angry words we said before Mediator Kim presented his recommendation. I care too much for you to end what we had on that note."

H​er words hurt because I soon would be more brutal to her than she realized. I didn't want right now what she offered. "It is just over between us. You should accept it and move on."

A​nne's rodent eyes grew hard. "I am accepting it. But that doesn't mean we throw away everything we had together. I don't regret meeting you and seeing if it could work."

M​y snake head then turned away from her. "I have to go and so should you."

I could feel Anne's eyes still staring at me. "Well, I can't make you be civil anymore than I could help you to see my own point of view on the planet project's social code. Good by Gershom," she said scurrying away in the grass.

That ends Social Conundrums, Part XI. Next month is Social Conundrums, Part XII. Learn more about the Little Dragons by reading the earlier blog post series titled Humanity's Evolution.

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