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Social Conundrums, Part III

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

"But is that result worth it?" Gershom stressed. "A mediator, a third party, will in actuality create this new code not our committee."

H​e was exaggerating a little. "The ideas the mediator uses will come from us. He, she or they won't be doing individual research on their own," I reasoned.

G​ershom gave an angry shake of his dragon head. "No, but the end result will be in the mediator's hands not our committees." I didn't argue with him but I also didn't relent.

"​Well, I can see that you have no problem with this course of action," he said. "I will leave you so you can discuss the situation with Ezekiel." I watched as he stretched out his wings and flew away leaving the garden.

H​is curt dismissal stung but it didn't change my mind. I flew off in the opposite direction leaving the golden filaments and the soothing songs. I emerged in the depths of space. Ezekiel's current resting place existed in the heavens. My eyes scanned the darkness for energy patterns. Every Little Dragon had a distinct one because we can become anyone or anything so it is important to have some way of identifying each other. Ezekiel's wave pattern consisted of strong constant fluctuations. I also knew for the last century he tended to enjoy being a small celestial body such as a star.

I found him amid a group of Little Dragons, who were also resting as burning balls of plasma. I sensed his awareness of me as I flew towards him. Our ancestors of old used to write poems that spoke of the divinity of these celestial bodies. There is something amazing about being able to generate an internal light source inside of yourself. A unique way to understand your being because the light of a star hides nothing.

I hovered near him. The burning ball morphed into a glittering dragon form no larger than my own. Our golden eyes could stare right into each other. "Hello Anne," he said. I gave his greeting a nod of acknowledgment. "How are you doing?" he asked and I saw concern in his liquid eyes. It made me hesitate. He already knew the social code committee lagged behind all the others. Asking for a mediator meant I had failed as committee leader. It hurt more than a little to admit my short comings but getting the job done had to be more important than my pride.

"​My committee is having trouble and without mediation I fear we won't be able to submit a social code for the planet project," I admitted.

​Ezekiel nodded his head. "I feared you were having trouble. It is unfortunate that Gershom has managed to get enough supporters so that you are essentially split down the middle on your decisions."

A wave of humiliation dimmed my scales. "Yes, I guess it is," I managed to say knowing that the imbalance was primarily my fault. I respected Gershom because he truly is an expert in his field, so I allowed him to select several committee members. I believed that although we would argue and have different opinions that all of us could still come to some form of consensus. A naive conclusion on my part.

"​I will have a mediator there at your next meeting," he promised. I thanked him and flew away hoping that this step would bring the progress we needed.

That ends Social Conundrums, Part III. Next month is Social Conundrums, Part IV. Learn more about the Little Dragons by reading the earlier blog post series titled Humanity's Evolution.

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